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Qualities of Second Chance Behavior

The first quality I acknowledged within myself has been thinking about the consequences and alternative routes that is available when I am making a decision. To think is a constant, deliberate process.

Also I took notice how I would ask for permission in a persuasive way instead of just doing what I want. There are rules, and where there are rule, there is order.

Time has matured my attitude. What I mean is I'm ready to serve my purpose. I've served my time, society's purpose. I sat still, gathered my thoughts, then refined my mind set.

Motivation is energy in motion, or you can call it putting in work. I use this energy by enrolling in programs, and even took part in creating them. I am aware that I am full of energy. I don't have nothing to prove, only to prove to myself that I'm more than bad behavior.

I exercise weaknesses into new strengths. The jewel is having the ability to see them. I am uncomfortable with settling. My mindset is there is no days off!

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