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I remember how it was considered uncool to be smart, taking short cuts by having others do my class work, skipping class, doing the bare minimum. Just Ignorant. Speaking of minimums I earn below minimum wage with forty five cents per hour. The joke is on me.

At my High School graduation, I got into an argument with my English teacher over wearing my Timberland boots, as opposed to her traditional, formal approach. She demanded I wear something casual, or do not walk.

Honestly, I could have cared less, but my parents' excitement moved me. They sacrificed too much for me not to get past the finish line. The amount of trouble I seem to find myself in frightened them. At one point I didn't think I would have graduated from High School. I owed my parents a walk across the stage. So I complied.

Fast forward, I will be graduating from Piedmont Virginia Community College on May 16, 2024, with honors, earning an Associate of Science Degree in General Studies. Summa cum laude to be exact. Today I am preparing my valedictorian speech. I want all the accolades, all the awards. Even my tassle's design will shout distinction.

College was challenging, but I welcomed it. In high school I was last in my class. The bare minimum set my standard. But right now, I am high octane, premium.

Time seasoned my attitude towards education. With it I am able to sharpen the skills I already possess, and it expanded my view of the world and how I could contribute to it. Realizing the more education I gained, I have made better decisions in the quality of my life.

Opportunities fall in my lap now. Instead of wasting time I became efficient in managing different projects.

Class was not the only thing I had to pass. There are situations in prison that you must let go of and let it pass you by, and then get to the point where you grow up. Aggressive dialogue. Male posturing. Some are unavoidable. Either you can see them before they occur, or you become apart of it.

Prison may not have changed much, but my values have excelled.

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