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Never Bored

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

"Use mistakes and problems as opportunities to get better---not reasons to quit." Jamie Dimon As of right now I am unable to attend college classes. With only one completed semester I have not been to class since December 2021, missing both 2022 Spring and Summer semesters. Corvid 19 has closed the education department, along with religious and cognitive programs. Being placed on the President's List, I am eagered to continue earning credits so that I can join an honor society. The problem I face is my financial aid is at risk if an outbreak disrupts the semester, classes will be cancelled, and my grant will be lost. Yet, I must be optimistic.

In the meantime I have been reading "Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance", by Angela Duckworth. Duckworth explores the meaning and value of what it takes to build grit. With diligent research and easy to follow examples, I discovered within myself that I can do much better in completing goals, finishing what I started. Throughout my sentence I can honestly state that I have never been bored. I have been to both Sussex I & II, Virginia supermax prisons, and served time at this medium security. My imagination provided an endless list of activities. Mistakes were made, but they were helpful in my growth to be wiser. There was a pivotal moment when I had asked myself, "Why do I keep pushing the reset button?" Bad behavior is the reset button. I have been following the rules and fine tuning my moral compass for the past decade. I can attest that each year becomes better than the last. I have initiated plenty of projects. Looking back I've been busy. I organized a treasure hunt at Nottoway Correctional Center. I offered a prize if a participant answered all the questions by using the prison library. The purpose was to promote an awareness of resources within the prison library. Once

I arrived at Dillwyn, I met with the librarian, and we started a book club. We read several books. It was a remarkable experience because I enjoy talking and listening to different views. I took the leadership role in organizing a talent show at Dillwyn. It was a raving success in 2017. I realized how much effort it takes to be a director. Also I initiated a fatherhood program, because I needed a quiet space where men could talk and listen, about valuable topics in manhood. We have discussed sensitive subjects, sharing our tears and testimonies. This program was voluntary. All of us chose to talk about our fears, our children, our failures, and our visions. Poetry provided a space where I could be creative with words, and allow me to challenge language in expressing myself. I have performed spoken word, gaining recognition as a poet. I am truly proud of myself of what I have become. The invaluable lessons I have learned, I look forward to sharing them with you on how I arrived at this point.

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