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No more short cuts

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Let's begin with my past knack for taking short cuts. Since I was a child I thought of ways to get ahead. Once I was in a race where I jumped a fence to beat others, only to trip and caused myself a serious head injury. I have many stories like that. But my point I am trying to make is as I looked back on my life I recognized a pattern of taking the short route. I didn't like to work hard, so I sold drugs. I didn't want to earn money, I rather steal it. Sure, it was irrational and immature. But it was my truth I, as a growing, responsible person had to come to grips with.

By knowing my wrongs I strived to reinvent the way I think. I learned to appreciate taking the scenic route. I take time to absorb information out of books, and think of ways I might be able to practice this knowledge. When we are young, you are in a rush, but as we age, we tend to take things slow, to savor the moments. It is ironic that I am trying to persuade law makers to consider me for a short cut, a second chance. The difference between now and then is the fact that, today, I am asking for permission.

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