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A brief stay

Updated: May 5, 2022

The lady walks across the room

with dignity boasting on her shoulders

like a crown of locks

fashioned by the nurturing hands

of a thousand mothers

ancestral roots of royal eloquence

that extend longer than immemorial skies.

She floats in between prodigal sons

eclipsed from the urban wild

growing, uprooted men

as maternal instincts gravitate

her towards her own

son tries to sit motionless

but emotions flame

unfamiliar syllables in his body language.

Curiosity forms long creases

on his forehead that draws deeper

than someone's last breath spoken in a parable

because nostalgia clouds his sight

of a little boy of his likeness

walking beside his mother

a reflection in the mirror to the past

when life meant video games and sleepovers.

Tight, he embraces his mother

losing himself in an earthly warmth

a place where their souls had first met.

Tears, a therapeutic cleansing

loosens and undresses

the penal years of

an abnormal cost of living

as the child stares with wistful eyes

and a closed mouth full of:

are you my dad

when will I get tall

why can't you leave with us...

Their eyes dance in a tongue too emotional for words.

So he hugs his son, his heir

like a wedding band holds a promise:

never to unlock his bond.

Sitting at a table

that is small as their talk

short as their minutes allowed,

an officer makes it his duty to undermine their visit

like missing teeth ruin a smile.

With a blank finish, sadness

renders his face

and displays a growing man

who has misplaced his responsibility.

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