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Social Media / Word on the Yard

Updated: May 10, 2022

Drama occurs. People react.

Social Media is a foreign language to me. People like myself who fell (imprisoned) before the use of social media don't quite understand its many nuances. I make comparisons when I don't have a clear understanding. So I coincide social media with the prison yard politics.

The consequences of one’s actions in prison are more severe compared to society's standards. Your word is honorable. And without it there is nothing left, in regards to credibility.

Word on the yard is a saying that means some type of news has been circulating about someone on the prison yard, whether it’s about personal history or background. Revealing this type of information holds the faith of one’s life and/or reputation.

The point that I'm making concerns my willingness to understand how the trappings of social media may or may not affect my preparedness. I want to be ready to join society.

I know I need help.

One helpful way could be to make a comparison to the prison yard. Gossip, rumors, and misinformation can be harmful to one’s health. On the prison yard people tend to get hurt, physically or fatally, for less. You can't say what you want without consequences. Facts and evidence and confidence are the ingredients of credibility.

Conversations about social media I continue to learn from family and friends on how it affects their lives. Recently, a friend was ridiculed for handling their business. The people doing the ridiculing attacked her by saying that they should be the ones handling the business affairs.

My point is people will spill their difference out over social media to address matters without fully understanding the effects of wild, reckless comments.

Hurt is unavoidable.

My friend was hurt. I believe that the people slandering don't care after saying their statements, but the victims tend to harbor the bad feelings. On the other hand, I think it is quite normal to feel hurt. But why give these people the opportunity or attention when within a few minutes they are distracted by something else.

Drama occurs. People react.

Why care about what an unworthy person says? Why give credit when credit isn't due?

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