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The duty of leaving imprints

The only time for shoes are in church praying with old souls who danced to the heartbeat of a drum till the sun rose balanced a calabash in their headwraps walking down dirt roads bare feet with no soles Sit down, let me tell you a story feet Honor those who took flight tip-toed between the moonlight blistered hard to catch Harriet Tubman feet getaway, storeaway remember Nigger Feet Hanover, Va. the dismembered reek of strange fruit over-ripe-go-hard-against-the-grain-feet walk with the immortal footsteps of Irene Morgan grandstanding on Jim Crow who firm on hostile grounds never lay down, no days off what is a vacation flat-footed, tripled their worth can we xerox Ms. Ursula Burns feet coming up the roughside of the mountain feet I've known feet that marched alone to chase and secure dreams trailblazing with a delicate sense of urgency so others..

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