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Under the Influence of Turmoil

when the sun fainted in dormitory

his sleep was confined to sporadic naps

on a bunk as narrow as a kayak

until restlessness grabbed and shook

the circadian out of his rhythm like

the bulging yolk of his eyes

were crimson easter eggs.

circling his privacy with talons of chatter,

the convicts in ado performed an orchestrated

concert of absurdities: who murdered who or

which officer has the fattest ass, as if

the body of the Atlantic stood in between.

he assimilated into the maze, it was

too difficult to absolve. hidden

currents, dark crescents

rushed underneath his eyes.

he never noticed the stain in his dialogue,

the simple remarks unravel and thoughts

run diarrhea; words are drooling

Lou Gehrig, lips

balky with no concern

on how it comes out or who it affects.

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