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Anthony Winn, inmate # 1115788.

I've been incarcerated in the Virginia prison system since 1997. My release date with good time earned will be in 2029.

This blog is a chance to reach outside and touch that world that one day I'm coming back to.

I welcome your feedback.



The duty of leaving imprints

The only time for shoes are in church praying with old souls who danced to the heartbeat of a drum till the sun rose balanced a calabash...

With a Bop (for Curtis O. Neblett Sr.)

My granpa returned to the essence without listening to my seasoned callaloo. 84 years he stirred his mastery in oral tradition flying...

Social Media / Word on the Yard

Drama occurs. People react. Social Media is a foreign language to me. People like myself who fell (imprisoned) before the use of social...

Rise and Climb

Swallowed by darkness, I had sensed the entrance, unsure if it was the correct door. Scrambling. Reaching. I unlocked heaven with the key...

A brief stay

The lady walks across the room with dignity boasting on her shoulders like a crown of locks fashioned by the nurturing hands of a...

My Apology

Compassion is the gateway of forgiveness. I believe second chances are predicated on not giving up on people who has lost their way. Who...

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"Use mistakes and problems as opportunities to get better ---- not reasons to quit."

Jamie Dimon, CEO
JP Morgan Chase

Second Chance Winn logo with "Winn" lit up.

"Education is our passport
to the future,
for tomorrow belongs
to the people
who prepare for it today."

Malcolm X

Me, Anthony Winn, at my 2020 graduation from Darden's business course offered to inmates.

This is me at my 2020 graduation from Darden's prison outreach, the Resiliency Education program.

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